Trading comfort for security in life

comfortable chair comic

I think the biggest thing we choose in life is if we want comfort or security.

For example, many people work in jobs that are secure but are not comfortable. I don’t agree with that. However, if that works for them, that is their value. I would rather be comfortable where I work and feel psychologically safe than being in a toxic environment.

comfortable chair comic
comfortable chair comic

I worked with a woman once who after a discussion with a coworker said that this was a toxic environment where we worked. I agreed with her but I didn’t say anything. At that time I was on the security side of the fence and didn’t think my comfort of emotions/thoughts was a priority. I can’t say what is wrong or right, but there are pros/cons for whatever you choose to do. Many places will abuse you, and you have to decide what you can tolerate and what you can’t.

For me, I try to stay at a job until I feel that I can’t learn any more from it. It is surprising but many times managers don’t want people to grow. If you are good at something, they want you to stay there doing it to make their life easier. The best managers helped me to grow and even wrote me a recommendation for my next job while I was working at my current job. I appreciated that they cared more about my personal development than the effect it would have on their organization.

That kind of person is rare in business. Most people only see as far as what benefits them. Still, I would have a better job with or without his help. You can’t keep ambitious people down, no matter how much fearing being unemployed or homeless is lurking.

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