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Cloud security has been questionable lately

cloud security comic

You probably have heard that regularly, major providers have hackers compromise them. To me, cloud security is getting worse, not better.

cloud security comic
cloud security comic

My RSS feed has several security feeds and I am amazed that almost every day a new major company is breached. It makes me wonder how they can spend so much money on security, and have such poor results. I have been at companies where IT security has been breached, but I wasn’t responsible for those areas when I worked there. Other companies were breached after I left, which isn’t a great feeling either. I asked, and begged for those companies to have better security and provided cost-saving alternatives but was overruled.

To me, if a company isn’t making security its #1 goal they are making a mistake. There are many poor motivated hackers to steal your information. This is not a scare tactic just reality. Almost every company that I have worked for has either been compromised by hackers or repeatedly compromised by hackers. This is the reality of what I see as a consultant every day.

It surprises me then when companies seem to take a caliver attitude towards security. They say things like “We aren’t big enough fish”. If you are a successful company you are a big enough fish. If you are a decision-maker and you aren’t making security the top priority you will get hacked. It is not a question of when.

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