Security is a daily struggle

security daily struggle comic

Effective security is a daily struggle.

I am currently helping a client improve their security and yesterday we took a big step forward. Today the security is a little worse than it was yesterday but those new issues will be addressed and we will continue to progress and improve security.

Life is complex and often when you make improvements there are challenges that threaten your changes. However, if you just keep focused eventually you can address those and find a solution. Many times what we think is going to be simple, is anything but, however, that doesn’t change the importance of doing it.

For example, as I have made changes with this client there have been unforeseen minor issues. They were quickly resolved, but often you can cause some problems when seeking to make things better. For some people that is reason enough to not change, but if they didn’t change they would be even more vulnerable to criminals.

Many companies I have worked at haven’t wanted to face the facts about their situation. I think that some managers just hope nothing happens, and don’t do the hard work it takes to make their company safe and well-run. I have also seen that managers who are afraid to make changes slowly kill the company, and those are companies that I don’t want to deal with. I have already worked with enough dead and dying companies that I know the warning signs. Rigidity is one of them. “We have always done it this way.” I love that one. You can tell when a company is on the downward path when it doesn’t evolve to what its competitors are doing.

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In fact, you could probably mathematically determine what companies are going to fail. I bet if you looked at the range of change of processes, the amount of delta between the businesses practices and that of its competitors, the length of stay/turnover, the number of extra enticements, the percentage of WFH employees, the money invested in equipment and a regular turnover rate I bet you could find out companies that are going to fail.

Security is part and parcel of the landscape of being competitive. People switch when companies get hacked. I know I am going to change my phone provider because they got hacked. I care about security. Do you?