Lessons we can learn from Animals

rescue dogs adopted photo

I have been watching animal rescue videos and I find them very emotional and interesting. Here is why.

  1. rescue dogs adopted photo
    rescue dogs adopted photo

    They challenge your beliefs. For example, I thought that Pit Bulls were dangerous because I didn’t know much about them. I had learned in the media that Pit Bulls were prone to attacking. Yet when I watched these rescue videos I saw dozens of pit bulls, abused by their owners and still sweet and gentle. Clearly, Pit Bull aggression is not innate but something the owner must have done.

  2. They make you feel happy/sad with humanity. Many humans help when animals are being rescued. One small girl even offered her breakfast sandwich as bait to catch the dog. It worked. Sometimes you feel sad about humanity when people abandon pets or abuse them. I try not to judge as much as possible, but certainly calling an animal rescue isn’t that difficult, is it?
  3. They give you hope that no matter how rough an animal has had it in life, with love they can heal and be happy. One video showed animals who were starved and not moving and the rescuers thought he was dead. He was alive! He made a full recovery with lots of TLC and was such a happy dog. One of the impressive things about animals is how they can forgive and let go of their past and enjoy the moment. That we too as humans can heal and grow and be happy.
  4. They show the process of avoiding help. Many dogs don’t trust humans or humans have abused them. Yet those rescuers use food, patience, and affection and gain the dog’s trust. Some dogs realize they are there to help them and are friendly and come towards them. They seem to understand they have a new life, and some of the dogs even wag their tails in joy inside the rescue person’s car even when they are in great pain.
  5. Many animals on the street have serious life-threatening injuries and they are as sweet as can be. I must admit that when I am sick I feel grouchy and if I had any of those injuries I’d be downright difficult. Yet those dogs trust the vet and rescuers and don’t attack or bite them, they allow them to cause them pain because they trust them. How many times our lives would go smoother if we trusted those who were helping us grow, instead of attacking them?
  6. Many animals have nothing and when they are rescued they are so happy. It only takes a warm bed and food and someone to love them to make them happy. As humans, we think we need this and that but the truth is we need very little to be happy. Why do we think happiness consists in having stuff?

Animals are inspiring to me in how they give love no matter how badly a previous human has treated them. Why can’t we be the same way?

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