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Critical thinking is hard

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Critical thinking is hard. It is a lifelong commitment.

One of the things that I attempt to share is my critical thinking about things in life. I try to be as honest as I can so that you gentle readers can discern my own faults and learn not to make the same mistakes that I made.

The older I get the more that I see that critical thinking isn’t about knowing things, but rather about how I feel about what I think I already know. I realize that I was mistaken in some fundamental assumptions that I took as “reality”. I don’t think new information changes people’s perceptions/thoughts, but rather realizations about how they have interpreted their life.

There are so many pros/cons of each belief in life. As I have moved from one belief to another I find myself understanding how meaningless beliefs are. We understand so little in life, and how the universe works. It would be more honest to say that we have reasonable expectations of things based on past experience, but that we don’t really know anything. How little do we understand the fundamental forces of the universe, and the most stupid among us want to claim knowledge about the divine/life hereafter?

Arrogance and ignorance. Faith is no answer to critical thinking. If there is a god then as Einstein said he surely wants us to use our brains as well. It is hard to imagine a divine being that wouldn’t want us to cross from an instinctual animal to becoming open to the greater possibilities that might exist.

I don’t pretend to know anything in life. The more that I learn the more humble I become about how little I know. I find every reason to believe in our continued ability to progress as a species when we have community, trust, and goodwill toward the rest of us. As far as religion hurts this general love of mankind I don’t support it. If religion made people better then fine, but I don’t see that. It divides and is twisted and ultimately harms more than helps.

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If your religion isn’t making life better for your fellow human, then it is just a manifestation of your animal instincts and not a divine one.