Thinking about things makes you not want them

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If you really think about buying something, you find that you don’t want it.

I shared before that I think cars and their technology are fun. I don’t want the highest-tech cars, I like things that are interesting, comfortable, and safe. It isn’t technology per se but the design decisions and different ways that comfort means to me.

For example, in the past, I wanted a Porche Macan. I thought how fun it would be to commute with something so refined and comfortable. Then years later I wanted a smaller RV. Like a Class B Van that I could commute in, but also use as an emergency shelter if I needed it. Then I took a ride in a VW Atlas and was amazed at the interior space and comfort. I looked at alternatives and a Honda Pilot is more reliable and has almost the same dimension and capacity.

This leads me to this moment. This evolution took place over 7 years. If I had the money I would have bought all of these vehicles. However, I am not rich nor do I need this kind of selection. I have a 13-year-old luxury car that while it needs occasional repairs, is doing the job. I am sharing this thought process with you to give you insight into why I wrote this article.

Would I enjoy any of these vehicles? Yes! Do I need them? No. The practical choice is clear but would I love it? No. Would I love not having to pay expensive repair bills and the stress of taking it in for repairs? Yes! Life is a butch of trade-offs. Is my time and commitment to any of these vehicles worth it? Perhaps. As I grow older I find I want fewer things and priorities change.

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Just think about a large ticket item and it may turn out you don’t want it after all.