The biggest mistake is being blind to mistakes

'You make 23,725 little mistakes, they never let you forget it.'

It always surprises me how I can be blind to my mistakes sometimes.

For example, today I finished my last post and I always look at the end to see if Grammarly found any mistakes. I didn’t see any and that was unusual. Normally I have at least some kind of mistake. Then I realized that I hadn’t installed Grammarly since I started writing posts in Linux and smiled and laughed at myself and installed it.

'You make 23,725 little mistakes, they never let you forget it.'
‘You make 23,725 little mistakes, they never let you forget it.’

Some readers will say, “But you said that you don’t use AI to write here.” I don’t. To me, fixing minor grammar/spelling errors is no different than what I have been doing for years. I don’t see any reason to change that. Small corrections make it read much smoother. I also proofread 3 times after I finished writing it, but sometimes I miss things and that’s ok. I am not writing classic literature here, just sharing what I know.

Part of me wonders if I should go back to earlier articles and with Grammarly installed correct any mistakes. I might do that. I will see if there is something that is more helpful and if I have time than do that. My goal is to write things that inspire, and it’s hard to be inspired when you read poor grammar/spelling. It’s true that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but there are times when you can absolutely judge the amount of work someone has put into writing by many aspects.

Practically speaking writing here for more than a decade has improved my writing. Grammarly points out the mistakes and slowly I let go of bad habits. One of the ones I am working on now is eliminating unnecessary words. There is a particular word that I didn’t realize how often I use when writing and now when I see it, I know that I can get rid of it. They are called filler words. They don’t add anything to the meaning and distract from the message.

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Each day I can improve and I am improving. Grammarly gives me a gentle nudge and one day I will write without its help. Increasingly I write and sometimes have no corrections. What a wonderful feeling to have learned from mistakes.