Looking at others mistakes helps us avoid looking at our own

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Looking at others’ mistakes helps us avoid looking at our own.

I have made many mistakes in my life. This article is not about me, however. I just wanted to share that to say this. The knee-jerk reaction in anything in life is to justify our position and find fault with the other person. Very few people can take responsibility for their choices, and take the responsibility that they deserve.

We all experience this every day. We all experience injustice due to being part of a system designed not to take responsibility. We say that the law makes people responsible but we see rich people get off lightly for crimes that poor people go to prison for. We see women who abuse children get three months while men get years in prison. Everyone regardless of their gender or other personal qualities should get the same sentence if justice is blind. The truth is that justice is not only blind, she is dumb.

We ignore the power and politically connected people and they commit crimes for years without ever being caught. We can blame the world for the way it is, but ultimately it is all a collective failure of owning up to our mistakes.

No one is perfect and it is ok to make a mistake. People’s pride prevents them from acknowledging a mistake and an unhelpful decision. We like to say that current events are proof that life is unfair. Yes, life is unfair, and who made it that way? Each of us when we deny the role we played in getting to this point.

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We look for scapegoats and people to blame the problems on. Not only on a national level but on a personal and business level. IT or HR is often the scapegoat and often the cause of the problem as well. That is the nature of the job. I am not looking for sympathy but just pointing out that when people are victims, then they can feel good about themselves. The hard work is asking ourselves, what role did we play in this problem?

Political leaders who lie and hate others, and all of their supporters played a role in giving them a platform. Companies that abuse their workers, were supported by people who were abused. I am not blaming the victim but simply pointing out that no one is innocent. We should not seek to place blame on others until we first consider our role in the situation.

Look and correct your problems first and then ask others if they want feedback.