Teacher made fun of classmate and I wasn’t having it

Student Courage Comic

I had a teacher once in high school make fun of a classmate and I wasn’t having it.

This same teacher made fun of me but I forgave her because she had mental issues. However, when she called one of my female classmates fat and ugly she crossed the line.

“Stop making fun of her and stop making fun of everyone else or I will go tell the principal,” I said.

“Go ahead and I’ll tell him you were lying. You have always disrespected my authority in class,” she said.

Student Courage Comic
student courage comic

I left and went and told the principal. I didn’t go back to the rest of class that day. I got my books for my next class and waited outside of the hall.

The next day I confided in a teacher who believed in me and was a mentor to me during that time. I expressed frustration that nothing seems to be being done despite the principal saying he would look into it. She said that things were being done and that what I did to stand up to the teacher caused a huge disagreement in the teacher’s room with the teachers who liked me and those who didn’t. She said to be patient and things are happening. I went to class and the teacher didn’t say any more insults. One of the other students who was in the class came to talk to me and said that she was tired of how that teacher treated the class and also talked to the principal. She was a friend but more of an acquaintance since we were in some drama classes but I didn’t consider her particularly close. She said that it wasn’t right how the teacher treated me and she was going to let them know.

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Why am I sharing this with you? When you stand up for others you immediately put a target on your own back. I knew that when I talked back to that teacher there would be consequences but I couldn’t let myself stand by and see others be made fun of. That is just cruel and heartless. I am not saying this to say look how nice I am, but rather than when you do something that you believe is right, you often pay the price for it.

What price did I pay? The teacher treated me as coldly as she could do without saying anything. I found out that the next year she had been moved to a small school in the district and probably got a salary reduction as well. She no longer could terrorize the students, and for that I am grateful.