Getting slapped in the hall at school helped my reputation

Violence Comic

A long time ago I had a friend who just had come out of her drama class and was excited to show me how to appear to slap someone and make it look realistic. I had been on stage with her and considered her a friend so I trusted her. The next thing I know my glasses are flying off and I’m staggering around the hall because I have just been slapped like no one’s business.

My friend immediately apologized to me and explained that she had made a mistake and I was just trying to remember what year it was and who was president. The rest of the day my classmates asked me why she slapped me and does it still hurt. I had a red cheek the rest of the day so it got lots of attention.

Violence Comic
violence comic

Why am I sharing this? When I have trusted people I have always had the possibility of being hurt. That never stopped me from continuing to trust people that I thought earned it. Also, a strange side effect is that more of my classmates felt sorry for me, and more of them disliked the person who hit me. I told people that it was an accident, but no one seemed convinced of that and I had already forgiven her and moved on with my life.

The rest of the day my guy friends were like “Respect. I don’t know what you did, but you surprised us.” My female friends said they didn’t like that person either and sympathized with me. I had a momentary moment of pain, but the rest of the day was very touching in the way that people responded to me being hit.

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Often things work out to help you in life, and you have nothing to do with causing it.