Resistance to change in business is often personal

Consulting Comic

I have noticed that resistance to change in business is often personal.

In one consulting job that I did, I had a suggestion for a better product that would automate pretty much 80% of one person’s workload. There were many reasons given why this couldn’t be changed, and ultimately they didn’t change it. It’s okay, they asked for best practices and solutions and I gave it to them.

Consulting Comic
consulting comic

People don’t want to lose their jobs, and automating their jobs is something that they resist. I understand this feeling, but you can’t ignore progress. Companies will delay change, but ultimately they will either be caught with their pants down by hackers or go out of business because they are inefficient. I have seen this firsthand.

Now as a consultant and a former employee who had to work with consultants, I understand organizational culture. It is nice when an organization wants to make things easier for its users. It is very respectful and helpful. I think you can also have security in that kind of culture, and you just have to find ways to make it invisible. It is hard work but it can be done.

I am not accusing anyone of not wanting to change. Some companies don’t change and when they go out of business then they get to learn new skills in their next job. That is a valid way. I have just noticed that people who don’t change tend to cause the organization to fall behind the technology curve. By the time consultants are called in, things are very messed up.

Still, the fact that companies know they need help is a positive sign. I am proud to work with companies that want to do better, and as the old song says “I wanna be better.”

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