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Stories from my Past: Can I join you and share?

buffet photo

buffet photoI was buying lunch food at a store and the clerk was making small talk with me. She said “I like what you are ordering. It looks delicious. Can I join you and share?” I smiled and said, “Sure if it’s your lunch I can give you some.” She laughed and I went on my way. I was thinking about the conversation as I was eating and realized she was hungry and that she probably got a late lunch. I had a job once and due to my responsibilities I had to eat a late lunch and that was hard for me. So I hatched a plan and carried it out.

I went and got two more of what I had ordered. I smiled and paid for it and when she and her coworker asked and was surprised I was buying more I said it was for a friend. After I paid, I handed it back to the woman who jokes with me and her coworker. It didn’t cost much money but the surprise and happiness they felt was a great pleasure to me. It feels good to give and I knew that they appreciated it.

Sometimes it takes so little to make someone happy. Trust your instincts and give when appropriate.

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