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Don’t get mad with a business just never do business with them again

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The best justice when a business mistreats you is never to do business with them again.

Many times businesses have failed in their promises of what they sell. When that happens I do a chargeback. If I don’t get what I am promised, then the sale hasn’t occurred. I don’t care what the consequences are after that because they haven’t sold me what was promised.

I bought two things from a store this week and the first worked in a way that I didn’t like and wasn’t clear about. The second just doesn’t work. Now the result is that I will probably be banned from the store forever, which is fine with me. They can’t produce a worthwhile product they won’t get my money.

It is so simple. It doesn’t matter that I have bought things from them in the past. It doesn’t matter that I won’t be able to access old content. I will not be bribed into doing something that isn’t fair. If we don’t stand up to unfairness companies never change. It is entirely possible that the company won’t change/care about my stand, but that’s ok, I will find a better provider.

Customers have all the power over how companies treat us. We don’t have to be mistreated, and when we are, we can simply stop buying the product. Don’t get mad, get even. Stop supporting abusive companies.

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