Business that reduce carbon are expected to do well

climate change bear comic

Businesses that reduce carbon is expected to do well according to this report.

How about that capitalism? Now we have a financial profit to improve the environment? Is it time to act now? Or in classic human fashion, will we act after the fact and when it is too late?

It really angers me that people who don’t have to live with the consequences of the future are making decisions about it. We should teach and enlist the youngest since it is the world we are creating. It is just stupidity that short-term thinking dominates everyone. Why are we so short-sighted?

I hate short-term thinking. I see this as the biggest issue in life. People say “I’ll kick that can down the road.” Meanwhile, a crisis happens, and only then are they forced to deal with it. As adults, we have to deal with the sometimes painful reality. The reality is that our greed and laziness have created a world in which estimated hundreds of millions of people will die needlessly due to climate change. This is social murder.

I don’t like murder, and I don’t like violence and I don’t like unnecessary. Are we so stupid that we can’t see the writing on the wall? The writing that way back in the 80s was evident to scientists? If we choose to listen to people who are not scientists are we saying that we want death and destruction? That is what we are getting, isn’t it? Lots of death and destruction for the people who want it.

The unfortunate fact is that we all make decisions that affect everyone. Just one bad decision could ruin life on earth forever. It will be a short and not sweet end to the human race. Is this how it is going to end, not with a bang but with thirst and hunger?

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