Does Elementor or Wix offer the best AI?

ai takinng over

The short answer is no. The long answer is below.

Wix is not like WordPress. It is proprietary and if you have used WordPress for any length of time it is restrictive and limiting. Things you can’t do on it:

Add forms to blog posts.

Switch templates once the site is live

Can’t access or change the HTML of your site.

What does it matter if you can create a website quickly if you can’t manage or use it in a flexible way? Lots of people who start with a Wix site end up having to migrate to WordPress and then you have wasted time/energy in the process.

What is a better way? Using the Elementor all-in-one package. Why am I sharing this? I think it is the easiest and fastest way for someone who doesn’t know WordPress to learn it and create a beautiful and useful site.

Don’t be sucked into a pretty face with limited options with Wix. You can have a pretty face and unlimited options with Elementor. Plus the pricing for Wix is terrible. At every price point, Elementor or offers better options and value. Choosing Wix would be the worst decision because not only are you limiting yourself, you are not getting the performance and security you get with Elementor or

If you want AI you can do that with Elementor’s all-in-one package. I had an earlier post about a beautiful realistic photo that Elementor AI created from my prompt. If you click on that link it also talks about how AI is integrated with the other aspects of Elementor. That is a good use of AI and immediately useful today.

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AI doesn’t have to be the enemy. It can help us do our jobs easier. Try it and I bet you will love it.