How does Elementor AI for images work?

web page being designed by a female genius prompt

I have never used the Elementor AI for images but I am going to test it for this post.

The image to the left is an AI image that was made when I edited the post with Elementor. I put an image box down and then in the properties of that image box I said this as a text prompt “Webpage design with female genius.”  It produced six images and I liked this one the best. You can find out more on their help page here.

This is very good in my opinion. It let you choose the style and I asked for realistic and this was faster than combing through a stock database or even doing a web search. This is free during the beta, this AI is a welcome improvement and one that I will start using. I also like the funny cartoon images that I find, but this realistic style is a nice change as well.

Is there a downside? I don’t see it. I just learned from their terms and conditions that the images are royalty-free and can be used on any channel. This is an incredible value!  After the beta, the costs are 33 credits, and credits are 35.88 a year for 18,000 credits. Another reason to buy Elementor. Read this on their FAQ.

Wow, Elementor is making a compelling case for buying it. Remember that I shared a few days ago that you could get a web hosting, theme, and Elementor for only $9.99 for the first year and then about $15 the next year? Still a steal at that price. You can read more here.

Elementor also has the neat feature of other AI integrations. You can see what they offer in the screenshot from their website below. They also offer an AI Power plan for $99 a year for 50,000 credits. I would probably get the AI power package myself. I think that is the better value.

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For $99 a year, the time savings alone from not having to spend time finding an image pays for itself. To me, all of the other AI integration is just an added benefit. I love the direction that Elementor is going with this product.