Elementor can make your mobile site faster

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I optimized my mobile version of this site using Elementor. It was easier than I thought.

Part of the problem had to do with an inconsistent header that didn’t show the search box. I changed the title to one of the default titles and then it worked perfectly. If you have a problem often trying one of the templates fixes it, and then you can mess around to make it unique to you.

Since Google says that it measures a website performance based on its mobile site I wanted to give them as good an experience as possible. One of the ways that I looked to fix this was by using the default WordPress search function. While it worked, the formatting was off and it didn’t look professional.

One of the neat things about visual web-building tools is that you often come up with a design better than you could have imagined. It is fun to just mess around with the settings and see what could happen. With the ability to easily reverse what you have done, it makes it pretty safe to experiment. I also like that you can save different versions as templates so you can have many different styles until you decide on your favorite one.

Is there a downside to using Elementor? You have to do a little more configuration in caching plugins like WP Rocket, but it’s not crazy. I like that you have options and it is flexible to work with a variety of web hosting companies. Did you know it had 7% of the marketplace? It seems like it is useful for many people and could be a good choice for you.

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I bought it because a friend used it and she introduced me to it. I think it is a fine tool and has certainly made my job easier and saved me money from buying expensive templates. It has paid for itself, so in that sense, not buying it is a mistake.

Update: Elementor can save you money with its all-in-one theme/program/website hosting for only $9.99.