Stories from my past: You will probably love Seven Habits of Highly effective people.

material goods photo
material goods photo

I had many inspiring and helpful teachers as I was growing up. One of them suggested a book that was fairly new at the time. She said, “You will probably love Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” It changed my life.

I am sharing this now because I mentioned it yesterday in a conversation I had yesterday. Have you ever had a book or a person that you ran into and changed who you are? It happens sometimes and inside you know that your life has been enlarged and you feel happier.

I had that same teacher tell me “You don’t always have to do something. Sometimes just being who you are is all that you should do.” I have felt often that because I have been a middle-class white guy I have had more privileges than many other people. So it seems to me that those who have more than they need have an opportunity to share it with others. If you ever have the chance to give to others, it is a great feeling. I can’t imagine why people can take greater pleasure in material goods and not help others. I have had nice material things too, but they never made me happy. Only sharing things with others made me happy.

I really believe that humans are happiest when we can give and receive. We give and receive love, and to me, respect and kindness are the first steps.

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