The government doesn’t forget your name

law comic

I had a knock on my door today from a government worker. She referenced me by my first name and asked if the landlord still had tenant violations and was with another coworker.

I told her the truth. I was moving out next year and not invested in addressing issues with the current landlord. It has been my unfortunate experience that every landlord that I have had has violated state law and the law is powerless to do anything.

law comic
law comic

What does a fine mean when a company is making millions or tens of millions of dollars in profit? It is the cost of doing business. Laws are without teeth when only a fine is the consequence. We see the failure in the legal system all our lives where the rich go free and the poor suffer even after eventually being proven innocent. Is this the freedom we are shouting for?

Why is every interaction with the government a painful one? As a white male, I have never had the police help me. They have only been apathetic to real crimes, and derelict in their duty to investigate. The DMV isn’t any better. If they could do less work they would. Don’t look to the post office as an example. They are the worst and their Google reviews show it.

If you stand up for your rights you will be blacklisted by people in power. Welcome to America.

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