Stories from my Past: What you do for love

two goldens photo

Like everyone, there were times in my life where I didn’t have enough money for my needs. One of those times is when I had two golden retrievers. If you have ever had a dog, you probably have had this situation yourself.

two goldens photoAnyway, one day I realized that I had $40 and I had a choice to make. It was the last of my money and I needed groceries and so did the dogs. They loved eating as much as I did. I wasn’t going to get any money in the foreseeable future. So what do I do? I did the only thing that makes sense. I went to PetSmart and bought dog food so they wouldn’t go hungry.

Why did I do this? Why not buy something for me? Anyone who is a parent knows that they would not eat if it allowed their children to eat. The dogs were my responsibility and they didn’t ask for my financial situation. I couldn’t make them suffer for my mistakes. When you love someone, you don’t want them to suffer so that makes things easier. I went to bed hungry that night.

Later I had a past client who was way overdue send a check to me so I went and bought groceries. Don’t feel bad for me. I am not food-insecure that unfortunately millions of Americans are in. It has been my experience that when you suffer although it is hard to go through, it gives you a greater sensitivity and understanding to others who suffer.

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