Steam games are better than Playstation games

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Steam games are better than PlayStation games. I am not talking about the kinds of games or the variety, I am saying the same game on both consoles is clearly superior on Steam.

I shared before that I like playing Cities Skyline a city-building game like Sim City. On steam on my mac, the experience is much better. It is superior graphics, superior features, and superior ease of use to play.

For the last 3 days, I have been playing Cities Skyline on the mac and it has several benefits for me. The biggest benefit is that the PS Dual Sense controller seemed to be causing my thumb and pinkie to feel numb, but I don’t feel that using a keyboard. After a brief learning curve on the computer version of the Cities Skyline interface, I found it easier to do some things that were difficult to do on the PlayStation. The positing and lining up of things were difficult with the controller on the PlayStation, but on the computer it was intuitive.

The performance seems acceptable. My mac is an 8-core i9 with 32GB of ram, so I didn’t notice any slowdowns. One of the wonderful side effects of faster chips is that games can work very well now when in the past you really needed to spend big money to have a good experience. Is there any downside I can think of? Hmm. I can’t think of any. The price was cheaper than on the Sony Store to purchase. Oh, they don’t have a remastered version which has a few slight differences. The remastered version isn’t that great however and it crashed on the PlayStation, so to me, that is worse.

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There is an announcement of a new product from the company that makes this game in a few days and I am waiting to see if it is the second version of this. If it is, it is likely I will buy it. I almost bought the expansion packs but I learned this and thought I could wait a few days. I would not have tried steam unless a friend had suggested it. I had tried steam when it first got started and it sucked. Things seem to be better now and at least their return policy isn’t so customer hostile.