Rented truck so I wouldn’t damage my own car

Junk Comic

I had to rent a truck once because my boss wanted me to take old junky computer equipment to the recycling center but I didn’t want to damage my newly bought used car.

I didn’t mind spending $20 to rent a cheap UHaul. It was a 24-hour rental and I figured that there would be more than $20 of damage in my car. My boss was surprised to see the Uhaul pull up and I told him that I bought it so that I wouldn’t damage my car. He said that we didn’t have that much stuff, but unfortunately, he was wrong. We filled that Uhaul almost to the halfway point and that wouldn’t be possible to take with my coworker and I vehicles.

Junk Comic
junk comic

We dropped off the stuff at the recycling center and I took the Uhaul back. He wanted to come with me to pay off the Uhaul cost. I had left my personal vehicle in the parking lot since I was driving the rented vehicle. Then we went back to work.

In jobs sometimes your boss asks you to do things personally that cost you money. Times like this I don’t argue, I just spend the money to protect my property. My boss thanked me for getting the Uhaul and it was no big deal. I had worked with a moving company in the past and I knew how much space things would take. Besides, even if it didn’t take that much space I wasn’t going to tear up my car with metal junk.

Jobs often have unexpected expenses. I would rather cover the cost than argue about it. Fortunately, in this case, I didn’t have to argue.

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