Speed up your website by upgrading your PHP

internet speed comic

This is kind of a nerdy thing to do, but you can demonstratively speed up your website by easily upgrading your PHP version.

In the link above are my 10 steps to upgrade the performance of your WordPress website. I just upgraded my PHP version since my host Rocket.net had it available now. I then tested its speed and it was faster than ever. It took about 5 minutes to log in and switch the version from 8.1 to 8.3 and so far no issues. If there is a compatibility problem I will reduce it to 8.2 and see what happens.

internet speed comic
Internet speed comic

You can also speed things up by buying the professional version of Redis. I haven’t done that because it is expensive for me and since I am not making money on this site, it doesn’t make sense to buy it. However, if you are making money on your site, I would buy this in a hot second.

Sadly my favorite website speed testing site is now fully paid and doesn’t offer any free services anymore. Which meant that I had to use another website that is less helpful but can still do the job. I think that will be the end of their business. People will look for another free option and forget about them.

At this rate, websites are getting so fast they are going to use AI to show you what you want to see before you even realize it. That would be amazing.

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