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After making websites for 20 years sometimes by hand, the easiest and fastest way to have an easy WordPress site is Elementor.com or Rocket.net.

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Making a website takes work. It takes work to get it running, keep it running, and make a profit. It can be done, however, and I am proof of that. My first and second website was to support the business that I had at the time. This one is to help people understand technology and not have to work in IT to make IT work.

Elementor.com is the leading visual website-building tool. It has some neat integrations with WordPress, which has 40% of the website market. These are leading companies that are making millions of people happy including me. Now if you know the basics, you may want to try Rocket.net which has some of its advantages. I was helped by them today to understand a problem that I just discovered existed in my database, and they were professional and helpful as always. Both companies are superior in customer service and helping you figure out what the problem is.

I have seen a friend who uses Elementor in her business and they had a problem once and Elementor correctly identified the issue and suggested a fix. That was amazing. They were so happy to have someone to be a partner not just a one-time sales opportunity.

Even experienced IT people need help. No one knows everything, and many times information on the web is incomplete. What I have learned in life is that I’d rather have a partner who has good service than one who has poor service. It just never works out to have poor service.

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Is there a downside to either of these companies? Not so far. They haven’t ever let me down and I have high expectations for support and service.


I hope that helps you decide which is the best fit for you. Please click on the affiliate link below so that I can continue to provide useful content. Thanks. If you like Elementor and want to get started click here.