Society benefits from people being unhappy

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Society benefits from people being unhappy. It doesn’t mean you have to be unhappy.

What I have seen in my life and others is the idea that something is wrong with us. That we are somehow not good enough or incomplete. This is a BS idea. We have internalized the message that only through something external are we acceptable.

Some people say they have meaning because of religion, beauty, wealth, or intelligence. They think they are their job, religion, or whatever external group they belong to. They overidentify with surface and meaningless things like color, national origin, sex, gender, language, or baseball team. They think that their group is right and everyone else is wrong.

It is all BS. We didn’t control where we were born. We didn’t control our genes. We don’t choose our faith on a rational basis but because of the location of where we were born and the time in history. We don’t choose our beliefs, but we defend them to the death. Did you know that states that are most Republican are dying 2 years sooner than states that are Democrat? Why would you die to own the libs?

I wouldn’t die to own anyone. Let’s talk about the BS idea of freedom. We are not free when our ideas and feelings control us. We are not free when we seek to limit others’ freedoms. I can’t believe in the United States we have book bans and book burning. How dare you? No matter how worthless the idea is, burning it doesn’t make it go away. If evil could be killed by burning, hasn’t the last 2000 years of book burning proved that isn’t the case?

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Let’s talk about the BS idea of evil. I grew up in a conservative town where you were evil if you weren’t a certain religion. A religion that most Christians believe is a cult. When I was young Dungeons & Dragons was claimed to be evil and yet I knew people who played that who turned out just fine. We see more evil in pastors/people in authority who abuse children than in the make-believe evil of rock n roll music and video games.

Now religious people might call me an evil demon and that’s fine. This is not about religion. It is about people being made to feel inadequate because they can’t accept their own goodness and respect. I am so tired of the BS that people feel that they are unworthy. How can you feel worthy if your religion says you are a sinner from birth and if you don’t do what the magic book says you will burn in hell for eternity? That is abuse straight up. If we took religious people and told them that if they don’t obey the laws they will go to prison and be tortured they would say it is “cruel and unusual punishment” but don’t see the hypocrisy of making children feel that way.

If you have made it this far congratulations. I am not looking for agreement, only the recognition that divisions are arbitrary and the only rule I can state is “Treat others how you want to be treated.” Everyone beyond this is BS.