What happened when I drove without a license?

Kid Driving Car

I was a very young child. I was told I was just a toddler. I don’t remember this very well.

What I do remember is that my mom was busy putting the car in park and rushed inside the house to get something. I could help her by turning the car around in our yard. We lived in the rural area so there weren’t other cars or people around.

Kid Driving Car
kid driving car

I got behind the wheel and figured out how to move the transmission gear but I didn’t have the strength to turn the steering wheel like it needed to be turned. My mom said she came out and the car was gone. What happened is that the car went into a gentle hole and it stopped the car. I was told there was no damage other than to my backside.

I didn’t understand how to use the brake and I didn’t understand enough to realize the risk I put myself in by trying to turn around the car. Even though I wanted to be helpful I wasn’t. Often our good intentions backfire because we are ignorant of the situation, and so I learned that we should be very careful before we do something we don’t understand.

Now because I was so young I didn’t get in trouble with the law. I didn’t leave the property or cause any damage. I was very lucky. Mostly I learned not to drive the car and I didn’t attempt to drive again until I was about 17. Then I became a cautious driver. When your first experience is running a car into a hole, it makes you much more aware of how things can get out of control.

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