Slow and steady wins the game

Temptation Funny Comic

I am not the fastest in life but slow and steady.

Before, I shared how I changed my behavior by moving away from processed foods. I also found that many things in life are about making small improvements each day that with time make big differences.

Temptation Funny Comic
temptation funny comic

An example of this has been my former addiction to sugar. I used to eat too many sugary things and I just had a hard time letting them go. I knew they weren’t good for me but momentary pleasure is a hard thing to turn down. Last week I had a negative experience from eating a combination of foods that had too much sugar, and I realized then I had more growing to do.

I put the sugary treats away and gave them to a friend. Better that my friend has diabetes than I do. Since then I have eaten plenty of salads and other healthy meals, and it feels good to not feel addicted to that treat. The treat is something that I mentioned before here but as long as someone has self-control it isn’t unhealthy in small amounts.

If I had a list of the foods I have been addicted to in my life it would be embarrassingly long. However, I have seen the error of my ways and I don’t eat them anymore. I would eat them in a limited fashion if someone gave them to me, but I wouldn’t make an effort to buy them. As much as I enjoy processed foods in the past, I am an adult and capable of changing my behavior.

It doesn’t matter what your problem is, each day I can make an effort to not do what I know isn’t helping me. That’s why I had to give those treats to a friend. I knew that I couldn’t resist it. As Oma Desala said, “The only way to resist temptation is to deny it a battle.” Avoid tempting yourself, and life gets a whole lot easier.

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