Signed up for affiliate relationships today

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I signed up for affiliate relationships today with products that I use and believe in. If I get them I will feature more of those stories here.

Why? I am curious if I can make a living like I have seen many people on youtube do. I have seen many affiliate marketers when I research on the web and their content is worthless and yet their site is highly ranked. I can and have produced useful content and I deserve to be paid for my time and energy. I am going to seriously see if I can help others and myself.

So far I only have one affiliate signup which is I am so impressed with them. Every day I continue to learn technology because of all the features they offer. It is really an amazing thing that any IT nerd would want to explore.

I applied for 14 brands that I know and use daily. I will only talk about things that I know. It doesn’t mean I will get accepted by them, but if I do then it might pay the bills. It will be interesting. I’ll share my progress to see if this makes sense for you as well.

I don’t like the term or the idea of being an influencer. That’s why I haven’t done this before. However the truth is that being a consultant means I have influenced lots of companies, so if that is a strength I should use it. I will be overly honest. I do not sell my soul for a dollar or even a cent.

I only did this because I had a conversation with a company that I believe in and he suggested that I be an affiliate. When I did the third-party website I got accepted into the program. Now I see many brands that I use and perhaps other people would benefit from. Not everyone reads old content, and Google may not have all of those pages indexed. So in a real sense, I am just sharing with more people things I have already learned. All of my affiliate efforts so far have gotten me about $2 from Google Adsense. Pathetic but it’s a start.

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I also reached out directly to a company that I didn’t see on that website and said that I love their product and asked if they had an affiliate program. I will start contacting companies that I believe in and ask if they have programs and see how far I get with the direct approach. Probably won’t work, but it never hurts to ask.

Don’t misunderstand. This is not an attempt to get free “stuff”. I don’t want stuff. I want to share what I have found that is useful and pay the bills. If I can help others and make a living it will be obvious to you and maybe an option for you. If it doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t mean it couldn’t work for you. Being an affiliate is easy for liars and if I wanted to lie and sell myself to the man then I know I can be rich. That has never been my goal.