Perhaps affiliate marketing can work for me

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I am currently exploring if affiliate marketing can work for me. I did my first affiliate relationship with after getting the service. I think it is just fantastic and a great value.

Yesterday I signed up to be an affiliate for another product I’ve talked about here and love. It’s a third-party company so I don’t know if I will get it, but I still believe in the product and it has helped me. That is in process and of course, I will update you if I get that.

I am still doing IT consulting but Im curious if marketing can pay the bills. I have seen people have success with internet marketing. I don’t want to make youtube videos because I think that space is overcrowded. It is too easy for people to copy your style and content and writing is fun for me.

What I find interesting is that so many people sell their souls to market a product. It is really obvious when people don’t have any experience or credibility and then pop up with an expensive product on Youtube. Paid promotions have no credibility with me. Trust is an essential thing. I will always be honest if I get an advantage or benefit from talking about something. So far I have had no one pay me for anything except for a banner ad a decade ago that wasn’t that great. It kind of soured me on advertising really.

I love learning things and if you are reading this obviously you do as well. Information without the fluff.

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