Sending in MSI laptop for repairs today

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I am sending in my MSI laptop for repairs today and I am not impressed with the support.

Earlier articles said that I occasionally crashed with it, which makes sense since I played graphically intensive games. Lately, it has been crashing more, and not while I am playing games but just using Brave. Or not using Brave, just sitting there. I used the Microsoft tool to analyze the minidump and it said it was a problem with the video, and another MS test said it could be an error with RAM. I called Costco first since that is where I bought it, and the woman who tried to help me agreed that it was a hardware issue. She got me directly transferred to MSI and they agreed it was a hardware issue too and directed me to a webpage where I filled out a form. I have to pay to send it to them, and they pay for the return shipping and any repairs.

Msi Raider Image
MSI raider image

This is what I wanted. I was curious how Costco was a vendor/support of electronics, and how reliable the MSI brand is. I am not finding it more reliable than any other laptop I have used.  I am jealous of people who say they buy something and never have a problem with it. That never happens to me with computers. There is always some kind of hardware error that happens. Both my PC and Mac have hardware issues, and after talking to Apple they want $750 to fix the Mac. I could buy a new one with that money so I am not going to fix it. I will just try to use it as long as it lasts.

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I am not complaining. I probably use the computer more than most people. I spend way too much time trying out software and watching tutorials. This is not to brag, but simply to state that if used the computers less they would probably give me fewer issues. Still rebooting is not a deal killer, which is why I tolerated it for so long. I have a 2-year warranty on the laptop so I feel good that it will pay for itself even with the hassle.

For games, this computer has been the best that I have ever used. It is better than the PS5 and I love how rich and wonderful the sound and screen look. I don’t regret buying it, and I don’t regret being curious either. As the old saying goes, “You pays your money and you takes your chances.”