MSI laptop has been great except occasional crashing

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My 3-month-old MSI laptop has been great except for occasional crashing. It always happens when I am on youtube, and not when I am playing games.

I did some research into this and some forum posts suggested upgrading/updating the graphics drivers. So I did and I will see if it continues to crash. I did this about a week ago and so far no problems but it is a random issue and might take longer to surface.

Many times high-end devices use hardware to speed up the process of something and often this can cause timing issues. One of the troubleshooting things that IT people have to do sometimes to figure out graphical issues is to disable hardware acceleration. This is the next path I will go down if it continues to be a problem.

My old PC would sometimes crash on youtube as well. It crashed on youtube no matter what browser I was using. I suppose another step I could take instead of disabling the hardware would be to use another browser like Edge to see if it crashes on youtube. If it does, then we know that it is unlikely that Brave is at fault.

However, I have read that Brave has had issues on youtube for other users. So one thing I could do to speed up troubleshooting is just to switch to Edge now and see what happens. Yet this might also be inconclusive since I updated the graphics drivers already and that might have fixed the problem.

I once worked with another IT fellow and we had a problem and I suggested changing another variable in the problem. He understandably didn’t want to complicate things and suggested we continue working on one variable at a time. It turns out that that approach took longer but it’s okay, sometimes it is faster.

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Every laptop I have owned or used has had issues and that’s just part of the joy of being in IT. You always have a chance to practice your skills.