New gaming laptop all I’d hoped and more

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I received my new gaming laptop today and it is all that I’d hoped and more.

It is called the MSI Raider GE68HX. I purchased it from Costco at an amazing $2200. Cheaper than anywhere else I could find it. I ran though all of the programs that I use and what a difference! No, no one is paying me to say this and I get no benefit from sharing this.

I was able to play Control and it looked photo realistic. It did not look photo realistic on my 4 year old computer. It was playable and it was like it was another game. It was fantastic. I was also able to play Cities Skyline and it is so fast that I have to slow down my movements since the zoom is faster than I am used to. I am glad to experience this top end of gaming.

The only downside for me was the key placement was a little non standard so I am getting used to that but its interesting that they have a keypad and there might be a reason to use it in the future. It is definitely a machine that could be used for business use as well. I wasn’t crazy about the RGB lighting but a quick FN+0 fixed it and turned it off. I love that heat when playing Cities is pushed out through the air rather than radiated through the bottom case. My lap is cool and I didn’t notice the noise.

I have nothing but praise for this computer so far. I installed 1password and I am surprised how quickly apps install. It really is a pleasure using a modern computer. If you get this for gaming you will love it. It looks great and has made my 4k Sony look even better than the 4 year old MBP. I am so pleased that this worked out and achieved my goals.

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