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Saving up for a Prison

warped simcity

I’ve been playing Cities Skyline to put to work my new knowledge of urban planning from the youtube videos I have been watching. It isn’t easy.

The biggest problem is that the Prison is so expensive that there always seem to be things that are pressing me to buy it before that. The last time I thought I had enough I suddenly had a lack of power due to growth and had to invest in solar power. Now I am waiting again as I type this so I am not tempted to spend on green infrastructure projects.

The game has a green cities mod that I haven’t bought but I am seriously considering it. I need to first master some of the basics. I am not great at making elevated roadways and I want to be able to use all of the functions of what I have first before I spend on something else.

It takes several years to save up for Prison. I’ve got a nice place right next to the train station in the industrial part of town. Anytime I put a prison in a nice part of town the residents complain. NIMBY is alive and real in this game.

I just placed the prison and of course, the neighborhood didn’t change. If you put the Prisons in the worst parts of town the residents love that. I am never putting a nuclear plant in the game again. The last time I did that it had a meltdown. It is not easy being a mayor but I’m ready if needed.

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