AI is watching how you drive and telling cops if it suspects you are a criminal

ai cavemen cartoon

Isn’t this a wonderful use of AI? We need more unreliable narcs, don’t we?

Now the interesting thing here is the ridiculous amount of data that was collected. Police say they don’t have a job to protect citizens and if they are spying on people, doesn’t this change their job description?

If people are going to be pulled over on what a computer thinks isn’t this a warning flag for possible abuse? The article talks about the 4th amendment, but that isn’t the only thing at risk here. When we move towards a police state where the government knows everything, isn’t that a problem? Isn’t part of what makes us free that we can have privacy?

First, it is surveillance, then it is permission. Don’t pretend that anyone who seeks to limit people’s liberty is doing it out of the kindness of their heart. They have some financial or personal benefit.

I think if the founding fathers were alive today they would hate what we have become. I bet they never imagined that we would give up our freedom for money so easily.

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