Return to office is the reason for productivity hit

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I said this before and I’ll say it again. You don’t respect workers, you don’t get their best effort. Fortune Article:

Lots of conclusions here. We have employed people acting “desperate” and quite quitting. Why is this? The article above states the reasons. In short workers trust companies less and less, the more they get jerked around.

Now lots of people will try to blame the employee. It must be the employee because it can’t be the company. You don’t blame the player, you blame the system. A player has to survive, but the people who architect the system are the real cause here. Companies have gotten recognized as a person unless they actually have to be responsible. Everyone wants the right of something, but no one wants the responsibilities that come with it.

The current environment is that business pays whatever they want to special interests and then the people suffer. This isn’t an opinion it is a fact. The Ohio chemical spill was a direct result of many layers of protection being bypassed by those in power. Now those who thought they elected a responsible governor will see how wrong they were.

It’s like people want to suffer. People elect those who make decisions that are for their own interests and not the people’s interests. This happens to all parties. Everyone has a vested interest, and those who talk about returning to office have plenty of vested interests as well.

It was so obvious that people were more productive at home. It doesn’t take a genius to see where this will end up. Is this a trend? It is. People need choices for a variety of reasons and companies are beginning to understand that.

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