Nobara Linux is how to play games

Nobara Linux Screenshot

I installed Nobara Linux and I am blown away by how it plays games. Forget messing around with Bottles, containers, or VMS. Nobara is far superior to all of those.

Nobara Linux Screenshot
Nobara Linux screenshot

As you can see in this screenshot, this is my system. One of the most wonderful things about this distro is that they have focused on getting NVIDIA support working to the best of their ability and they have done a fine job. I installed this at the recommendation of it from a comment on a Linux gaming video. I am so excited to share with you how superior it is.

First, I didn’t have to mess around with any gaming settings. Once I installed the distro, I simply did an update to the system, and that took a bit. Maybe 15 minutes. Much longer than other distros I have used, but that is fine, it works. Then Steam icon was already on the desktop as a shortcut and I clicked on it. I logged in and in Steam went to Settings > Compatability and turned on compatibility for other systems. Then it had to restart the app, and when I logged back in it had chosen Proton experimental.

Now the moment of truth. How would Cities Skyline play? I am pleased to report that CS1 played the best it ever has. It played better than on Windows on this same machine, and better than on my Mac. It was so quick and responsive and it looked gorgeous. Then I started up the game called Control and after selecting Direct X 12 it played and looked gorgeous as well. Both of these games were faster and looked better than they did under Windows/Mac. So who said that Windows is the superior gaming Operating system?

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Now I can understand why people say gaming in Linux is superior. It is if you have the right distro. This is it. If you have a gaming computer then you owe it to yourself to experiment with this distro and Steam and see if the performance is better for you as well.