Reduced my social media intake

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I used to visit well-known social media sites to get updated on the news in addition to reading direct news sources. For the last few months, I have reduced my social media intake. I only really read now and considering cutting that out as well.

Part of this is because using NewsBlur has been such a great experience. It has allowed me to categorize all of the important stuff I want to know and just keeping up on that is good enough. I also was disappointed by the increasing lies that are on social media. I have been increasing my Snopes visits as well. I am seeing an increase in posts even on Imgur that are lies, and we need to do some kind of industry checking to make sure that the information we are sharing is true.

dr pepper comic
dr pepper comic

Part of what I do on this blog to make sure the information I am sharing is true is to go through my past articles daily and examine them if things have changed or if my opinion of something has changed. I have deleted most of the articles I have written because they were no longer true or helpful. I have also deleted articles when the person I have written about was found guilty of a crime and I am not going to praise someone who is a criminal.

I am not saying what is right for you to do, but I want to be based on fact not opinion. When I just added Snopes to my NewsBlur service, it says that I have 68 articles to read. After I read this I will get busy reading that so that I can better understand reality, not the biased fantasy that people want you to believe.

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Don’t believe what I say. Challenge what I say and find a better answer.