Save time by having one place for all your favorite websites

RSS reader newsblur screenshot

Do you visit several web pages to read things that you want to know? There is a better way and it’s called using an RSS reader. Don’t worry it is easy to use.

RSS reader newsblur screenshot
RSS reader NewsBlur screenshot

I just started using NewsBlur and no I am not getting any benefit from sharing this. If you click on the image you see to the side you will notice the websites that I gather news from and also Youtube channels that I like. There are several things that I love about this reader.

The first is that it is free and doesn’t display advertisements. I used to use Feedly but they discontinued it and started charging a monthly fee. Now with this, you can choose to see a website how the website shows it and that is nice and superior to how past RSS readers I have used worked.

Another great feature is that you can add websites easily by clicking on the + sign in the lower left-hand corner and simply adding their URL/web address. Not every website has an RSS feed but most do. So now instead of having to go to YouTube to look at your favorite YouTube authors, you can view it here and hopefully see fewer ads. I don’t see any ads in these RSS channels so that is very nice. I don’t see the ads because I have it set in Feed mode at the bottom, but if you have it set to Original then you may see ads.

The other advantage to using this is that some websites have horrible designs and reading this using this tool makes it easier. I personally found that using the Feed mode showed the important information and stripped away the ads and junk. So you can potentially save time as well.

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Give this a chance and you might love it as much as I do.