Been wrestling with Google Search Console lately

google sign comic

I have been wrestling with Google Search Console lately. Boy is that fun.

I have dealt with these issues before and in that case, changing the theme was a simple fix. Now it lists many of my stories and unindexed so they don’t exist unless someone follows a link or does a search at my site.

Google had said that if you write “awesome content” then you will get indexed. Doesn’t everyone think they write that? There is no guarantee that you will get indexed, you can only request to be indexed. Of course, it helps if someone points to you and it helps if your website has been around for a while.

The good news is that Google says my site has been around for more than 10 years which is true. I wonder why they don’t show the exact time. The other good news is that other websites link to it, so it isn’t seen as spam. So I got that going for me.

I wonder in the future if we are just going to speak in memes and slang like Idiocracy? I hope not. However, if social media platforms win it might go that way. People are moving away from Google as a search engine and now searching more on social media platforms like tik tok and Facebook. I wonder if that has Google scared?

They had a good thing going but didn’t innovate. They should have brought a reasoning engine to their search results sooner. They had the capacity but not the desire. Too busy killing other Google products probably. I hate the fact that killed RSS Reader. I never wanted to use another Google product after that. I really saved time with that thing.

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The bottom line here is that I am waiting for Google to do its thing and then me know what it decides about my content. So I just hope for the best and play the hand I’m dealt.