Google AdSense says my site is getting ready

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It has said that for over a week. I did some research today and some people said it took them as long as a month! Wow.

It shows that it approved the ads.txt file, and it said that I have done everything that I need to do. All I can do is wait. I did some research and someone posted that Google wants to have original content on a site and not just plagiarize others’ material. I would say that I have original material. It also said that you have to have posts that are 700-800 words. I tend to keep my posts around 300 words for easy reading but this one will be longer to satisfy that requirement.

Also to help it be ready for ads I looked to see if there was anything more that I could do to speed it up this weekend. Google lowers the search rank of sites that are slow, so there is no point in having content if it isn’t useful and people aren’t benefiting from it.

This brings up another point. You may have noticed that Google is doing AI summaries of web pages or questions that it is asked. While this can be helpful with a quick answer, it also shows the sites it took the summary from below. Now the effort that sites make to produce good quality is almost worthless. They don’t get the page view, but Google still shows ads at the top of their search results. How wonderful it is to not make the content, but still profit from it.

This means that the idea of good content as a differentiator between you and others is no longer valid. For example, I used to post solutions on my blog for the IT consulting business that I have. The problem with that is those solutions go quickly out of date, so it’s not worth my time to do that. If I could narrate to an AI that did the details of posting, then I could have many more articles like this. However, I don’t, because I have decided to focus on content that doesn’t go out of date. This article however will go out of date, but it can still be useful for a limited time.

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If I do make money from ads, I will start buying things that I can test and can help the most people. I don’t want to duplicate content. I see plenty of people copying others. I never want to copy others and I have tried out different kinds of posts with mixed results. I like all of the posts that I do, but if they don’t get read ultimately they are an indulgent waste of time.

Time is so limited that doing things just to do them doesn’t make sense. There should always be a purpose when we work to help others. One of my friends called me purposeful and I like that. I have always sought to find ways to increase the quality of life for everyone I encounter. Let me give you an example.

I recently had a problem with a business recently and called customer service to explain how their broken systems caused me difficulty. While I was explaining I noticed that the customer service agent was sneezing and seemed quite sick. I asked if she was ok and she explained she had a dog she was allergic to. I shared with her the Hepa machine I bought and she looked it up and I explained how it had filters for pets that many people said cured their pet allergy. She was of course grateful and thanked me for helping her. I also heard a child cry but afraid that her calls might be recorded I didn’t say anything so she wouldn’t get in trouble.

As we are going through our day we are presented with opportunities to be kind and help others. Even though I was unhappy with the company she worked for, it wasn’t anything personal with her. She shared personal details with me like the size of her room since I told her I had a two-bedroom room and helped her find the right model she could afford. It was also clear she wasn’t paid much because she wondered if they had a payment plan and they did. So she bought it and hopefully, she feels better now.

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Again this is not a humblebrag. This is only to point out that even when you are upset you have to be empathic and look for ways to help others. I watched a youtube video from a cleaner who shared that the mansion he was cleaning was from a rich person who recently died. I thought of all the wealth displayed in the house and ultimately I wondered if anyone missed that he was gone. How sad that we care more about collecting things than improving the lives of others.

Google Adsense is this enough for ya?