SHW desk working great for me

cheap desk screenshot

I had a cheaper version of this desk but I didn’t have enough desk space for the multiple things I had on it. More space was needed.

As you can see in the photo with this I can put a big monitor and have enough space for the other things that I work on. It has been a great desk so far. It has been reliable, and although the top is probably the weakest part it is still fine for me.

For people who live in apartments, this is light and easy to assemble. I can see if someone lived in a house they may want something more substantial. It was super easy to assemble and I had it together in 5 minutes. That part was nice.

Is there a downside? Like I said the surface feels a little cheap. It is not the easiest to clean and I couldn’t use it for eating or a dinner table. It has small ridges in the wood and it would get dirty. It would have been better with a smooth surface but that is a minor fault. Practically speaking it has been flawless for me.

The design is simple so the underneath is simple as well. It means that if you have long legs you will have plenty of room to sit under this desk. Many times in an office, they put keyboard trays that lower the height of the desk and that can be a problem to fit in a chair ergonomically. While I doubt most offices would use this, for home it is fine and probably will last a long time without being abused.

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If you had kids, or kids like to climb on things, I don’t think this would hold up. I don’t see the reinforcement needed for things over 100 pounds. Like I said I have a big monitor on mine, but it is at most 50 pounds together with the laptop, and it doesn’t seem to have an issue with that. In practice, I will never stress a desktop with weight because I prefer to have as few things as possible at all times.