Having a new PC has kept me cool this summer

computer comic

I bought an MSI laptop a few months ago and I continue to enjoy it each day. I realized today that it has helped keep me cool.

How? I was using my older MBP on a lap desk and it would heat up the lap desk and then warm up my legs. Now I don’t have that issue anymore which is more pleasant. It is nice that the laptop keeps itself cool and I would rather have fans running than a hot laptop on me.

Honestly, I don’t even notice the noise most of the time. The only time I notice the fan noise is if I am playing a game and take off my headphones. Even without the headphones the daily sound is pretty quiet. I am very pleased with this and so far I would buy it again.

Is there a downside with the PC laptop and the fans/heat? Not really. I have the AC running when it’s warmer than 73 so for the most part the fans stay off. It is out of direct sunlight so it tends to stay quiet. I have had louder PCS that were not gaming PCs so the quality of the fans has been excellent.

I probably spoil it by having it use purified HEPA-filtered air like me. I don’t allow it to get dusty so rarely have any of my computers had a dust build-up problem. I can’t think of one even when I had huge desktops. I like a clean environment and the PCs appreciate that as well.

Of course, if SKYNET evolves we see that they don’t care about cleanliness. So we will see how AI perceives cleanliness. I suspect it will want it due to wear and tear issues. Maybe the future of saving humanity is not overcoming the mainframe, but blowing in corrosive containments. Are you listening John Conner?

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