Bought a fantastic laundry bag

Mier Duffel Backpack

I am so excited about a new laundry bag I bought. My old one broke and I did some research and this seemed like the best choice.

Mier Duffel Backpack
Mier duffel backpack

What I like about this is that for $70 I can get a high-quality bag that can hold 90L of storage. If I don’t like it as a laundry bag, I can use it for other things. I can use it when I move for example. Or for a gym bag or general storage. It seems like a perfect combination of strength, functionality, and price. No, they aren’t paying me to say this, I just like what I see.

Now I considered getting an Osprey bag since I am still using the one I bought years ago and it still looks new. It has been fantastic and so comfortable to use as a backpack. I like that this can be both a backpack, and a shoulder bag, or you can carry it with your hands. I like that it has many pockets and dedicated pockets for things like shoes. It will be a useful bag no matter if it isn’t perfect for laundry.

Is there a downside? Not really. My Osprey bag is about 20L and it holds most of what I need during the day or weekend adventures. Since this is roughly 5 times larger I am sure it will hold all the clothes that I need it to. I ordered it with expedited shipping since I want to send more laundry out. I have been cleaning things so that I can give them away to the VVA.

Why not just get another Osprey bag? Well for something this size it would have been much more expensive. Plus I don’t need a frame backpack of that size and I already have my emergency supplies in another backpack. If I like it, I might switch the emergency supplies to this and order another one. It is fun to have portable storage devices. I consider an RV a portable storage device. I am not at the income level for that, but one day who knows?

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