Vietnam Veterans of America cleaned up today in my neighborhood

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When I say cleaned up, they picked up a ton of donations from my neighbors and me. He had a great run.

Why am I sharing this? VVA It is an incredible service for charities to pick up donations. Since there aren’t easily accessible donation spots in my neighborhood I can understand why other neighbors might choose the same service. They only service the area once a month, which is probably fine given that people aren’t able to donate all the time. I would say that I have used them twice this year. Mostly because things that I bought in the past I didn’t use, and instead someone gets some use out of them.

Wherever I have lived I have supported the charity industry. As important as it is to give, it is also important to shop and spend money at charity places as well.

It is often the case that when you help others you help yourself. Since I did this today I saw the generosity of my neighbors who are middle class like me. However, even if no one else donated the fact that the truck comes to my neighborhood means that others donate and that is noble as well. We have to be careful with our thoughts. Just because we don’t see pro-social/helpful things happening doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Clean your closet and help others. It is so simple.


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