People like to make things complicated

people complicated comic

I realize that people like to make things complicated no matter what they may claim otherwise.

Why do I say this? When there is a problem people like to show how smart they are by gathering so much information they can’t make a decision. Or they don’t gather any information, and they just do what they think is right. No matter the size of the problem, people always make things more complicated than it is.

For example, I worked with businesses that had to onboard people. They send the instructions to the new employees. New employees would not read the instructions and then they would have problems. When I asked if the instructions were unclear they said they didn’t read the instructions. Why would instructions be given if they weren’t needed? Then there were lots of issues because they had made a simple process unnecessarily complicated.

This happens in every domain. I volunteered for a non-profit and I shared some of those details In an earlier post. People would donate food which is nice, but on the website, it said that cash/monetary donations were the most important. The problem with donating food is that the people who donated didn’t know what kind of things they needed. The things they brought were often things other people brought and there would be tons of basics like rice/flour when they needed vegetables, spices, and other things. A charity knows best how to spend money to fix a problem. People who are not there every day do not know those details. Again, donations are always welcome but you can have a bigger impact by donating money to a non-profit.

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In relationships, too people make things complicated. Men and women have silly rules about what needs to be done, rather than treating each person as an individual. People like to stereotype others but hate being stereotyped themselves. We need to ask ourselves if we are guilty of something before we blame someone else.

I think people like to make things complicated because it is a way to protect their emotions and say that the world is unfair and that they didn’t have a chance. It is true the world is unfair, but we also contribute to the quality of our lives. The tricky thing in life is to have standards and boundaries while allowing yourself to be connected to others.