I love wrinkles

wrinkles comic

I had a friend offer to make me some curtains and she did a beautiful job. However, she felt bad because they were wrinkled. I love that they are wrinkled.

wrinkles comic
wrinkles comic

Here is a list of things that I love that are wrinkled.

  • My grandmother. She had lots of wrinkles but I didn’t see them as a flaw to beauty but just something that was a part of her. To me, her beauty was her giving heart and good intentions for others. Surprisingly people spend more time on looking good, than making others feel good. The only way to consistently feel good is to give to others. Why do people think buying things will make them happy?
  • Raisins. I love raisins. They are delicious.
  • Lips. Kissable wrinkled lips. Fantastic.
  • Brains. The folds of our brains are wrinkled and look like a walnut. I like people with intelligence.
  • Farming. Rows are not perfectly straight and are wrinkled.
  • Languages. Mandarin and other languages have wrinkled writing and I think that is lovely.
  • Growth. We grow not in a straight line but in bursts and mistakes and confusion. I bet the soul is wrinkled with experience.
  • Water. The surface of water wrinkles and takes so many beautiful shapes. How can we not be impressed with nature’s beauty?
  • Paper. I love the look of crushed or wrinkled paper. Origami makes beautiful shapes out of wrinkled and folded paper some of which I have featured here.

It is the artificial, unnatural look that people want with plastic surgery. They want perfectly symmetrical faces, although those don’t naturally exist in nature. The truth is that people look ugly with symmetrical faces, even the most beautiful people that people think exist. Imperfections are beautiful, and the most beautiful souls have imperfections that they have acknowledged and grown from.

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My grandmother with all her wrinkles was to me more beautiful than any woman I have ever seen in my life. Women don’t need anything other than a loving heart and an intention to help others to be beautiful to men.