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Reaching out directly to LinkedIn learning authors

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I have reached out directly using InMail to LinkedIn learning authors that I have appreciated. They have been gracious to talk to.

Why did I do this? I always thank every author that I learn something from. I don’t expect a response but a thank you is the least that they are owed. I also sometimes ask if I can share their content with others who may not have paid for a Linkedin Learning account. Some authors have even allowed it to be shared with someone who doesn’t have a LinkedIn learning account. That is very nice of them. Not everyone on LinkedIn work for a successful business. Many people are on LinkedIn who have no jobs or businesses that are struggling.

I have thanked and reached out to well-known and popular people outside of LinkedIn in the past and it has been hit and miss. I was encouraged to do this by a past friend. I am surprised when it works because no doubt they probably have hundreds/thousands of people who want to talk to them. If they don’t talk to you it’s ok. Nothing personal. If I were popular I might have the same difficulty responding to emails and people who wish to talk to me.

What I do is write a short paragraph thanking them, and tell them the reason that I reached out to them. I state why I think someone I know would benefit from their material and why they don’t have the money for it. If an author reaches out great. If they don’t, I don’t blame them and I never bring it up again.

In life, you have to ask for help to fill other people’s needs. You can’t possibly solve the problems of the world by yourself, so you look for a partner to help you and make your case. In and out of LinkedIn I have been successful in asking others to help people that I know. If you ask with no expectation and accept it may not happen, then if it does happen it is a nice surprise. Life works best when we don’t expect it.

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