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LinkedIn Discussions great way to make friends

I participate in LinkedIn Discussions and they are a great way to make friends.

What I like about the discussions is that you have the opportunity to understand why someone believes as they do. Steven Covey said “Seek first to understand and then be understood.” I try to do that in all my communications. I really want to understand the other persons point of view even if I disagree with it.

When I do this I often run into people who don’t want to discuss the issue. Quickly a conversation turns from a rational discussion into something else. I have even reached out with InMails offering to call to discuss things privately and been denied. It is their loss since being understood and understanding someone else is always helpful.

Therefore I must conclude that people don’t really want to examine or share the real reasons they believe as they do. I am not trying to change their mind, only understand their point of view. When you really dig into a subject most people are not willing to understand the root cause of things.

Which is disappointing. To me understanding why we believe something is more crucial than what we believe. For example, I was raised Catholic but don’t believe that now. But while I did believe it at one point, I would have defended it with my life. In time, that belief didn’t resonate with me. Why do we want certain beliefs and then discard them later?

If you are Catholic I don’t think you are “wrong” and I am “right”. I think those labels are useless. I don’t know reality, but I do know what is helpful for me. I think that as a famous quote goes, a god that made us to think would not be mad at us for thinking. Or maybe there is no god and there is nothing. I don’t know. The purpose of this is simply to say that our beliefs are not so simple.

I like understanding things as much as possible. Please have a discussion with me.

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