My son can do IT stuff too so I don’t need to call you.

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I once had an unhappy customer say that to me on the phone. I wasn’t sure how to respond.

I thought for a moment and said “I am sorry that you feel that what I did for you wasn’t adequate. Did I accomplish what you asked me to do satisfactorily?” Yes, she said. I said “Thank you for your feedback” and then nicely hung up.

Here is the best part. About a week or so later she calls me back and asks me to fix a new problem for her. I nicely reminded her that she was unsatisfied with the last thing that I did and suggested that perhaps her son could help her and nicely hung up. I don’t need customers who don’t appreciate what I do.

Listen it is one thing to screw up and then fix it. However, if you do something and the client acknowledges it was done satisfactorily, then they still have a problem the problem isn’t you. In the years that I had my own consulting business, I helped thousands of people. Less than 5 were unhappy with what I did. I had a money-back guarantee. If they weren’t happy with what I did, they would get their money back. Since they paid me when I was done, they didn’t get it back, I just never got paid.

Yes, I did free labor for 5 people which is fine because I wasn’t going to have a reputation for taking advantage of people. Some people you just can’t make happy, no matter how wonderful you are. You realize that as you get older.

Why am I sharing this? To say this. If you interview with someone or work for someone who is a jerk it isn’t about you. They don’t know to be respectful and it’s a pleasure to avoid working for nonrespectful people. Many times in interviews when people are being disrespectful I already decide that I don’t want to work for them. You have a choice so use it.

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