Purging the junk in my life

Junk Comic

I love finding a second home or throwing away things I don’t use. Things are meant to be used and if they aren’t, they are in the wrong place.

Minimalism is an interesting idea but I think it goes too far. I have seen videos of people who show the 50 things they own and while that is admirable, I don’t think I could live like that. It helps to have a few things around just in case.

Why am I sharing this? I am preparing to move in a few months and I always try to lighten the load before I move. One place that I am going to go through next is my technology drawer. I know I don’t need all of that, so I am going to offer it to a friend and if they don’t want it, throw it away. Surprisingly people seem to want extra things like USB cables and power adapters and stuff like that.

Junk Comic
junk comic

Some things I am getting rid of were gifts from friends who moved. I used some of those items for a while but found better versions of them and used them instead. For example, a laptop portable table that has more storage and is larger and holds the laptop more securely. I use that every day.

Now since I live in an apartment when I put things down in the trash pile, I suspect that people are taking them. I am thrilled this happened. I dropped off a used office chair there and the guy who was there was interested in it and said he would take it. I haven’t gone to a thrift store in quite a while. Most of my things are cheap Amazon junk which tends to break after a few years. I will move it to the new location but I don’t expect it to last much longer.

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Why not get a house? I had a house and it wasn’t any fun. I may do that depending on the cost of the apartment I choose. Again it’s kind of fun to be in different apartments and locations. There are so many unknown benefits when you try out a new neighborhood or space. I like discovering things and it is kind of boring being in the same space all the time. Life is about adventure and discovery and I feel less passionate when I don’t have those opportunities.

I have been incredibly fortunate to have the life I have had. Most of the time I have enjoyed what I do and that is all you can ask of any life. Of course, there have been moments where it wasn’t so pleasant but that is life. You can’t control others and the best you can do is forgive them and move on. Is there anything in your life you don’t need to hold onto anymore?